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Top Movies of 2017

In May 2017, two of my best friends and I launched a movie/theology podcast called Jesus Take the Reel, which has motivated me to keep up with all of Hollywood's most notable releases. It also helps that I subscribe to a service called MoviePass, which allows me to watch up to one movie a day at practically any theater, for a pretty reasonable monthly fee. This is not an advertisement for MoviePass (I wish), but I do highly recommend it, especially for fellow cinephiles.
Like last year, I decided to rank my top 20 favorites, from what turned out to be an occasionally brilliant, if inconsistent, year in film. I’ll start with a few honorable mentions, then a full review for each of my top 20!

Updated with a few Oscar predictions.
Honorable Mentions: Guardians 2 - Unpopular opinion: I prefer Guardians Volume 2 over the original. Darkest Hour - Driven by Gary Oldman’s hungry, larger-than-life portrayal of Winston Churchill Lego Batman - Might be the funniest movie of the year. And a good B…