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Tiny Frames

In her writing tutorial/memoir Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott advises her students to look through a one-inch picture frame as they write their stories. Focus in on one thing, she says, like a dimple, a calculus test, or a school lunch, and dig into the truth behind that object or moment. Many a writer has drowned in the enormity of her scope, so Lamott reminds us to start small and go from there.

She also suggests near the end of the book that her readers practice on stories from their childhoods. Because childhood is a tender time, when we're innocent and malleable and more attuned to whispers of the cosmos. And maybe if we can dig up some of those old memories we might find embedded in them nuggets of truth. Truth: the writer's sustenance and destination both.

So I tried to sort through the ol' file room of my mind for my earliest memory (because superlatives are impressive). Unfortunately, someone, at some point went in and tore that place up, knocking over every cabinet, e…

The Lord's Prayer

Depending on who you ask, prayer is either a practice in individual or collective psychosis or the most natural thing in the world. Either talking to an imaginary friend or to your Father (who happens to be the Supreme Source of Life in the universe). Either the least important or productive thing you could ever do or the most. And I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone reading that I land on the side of "most."

For whatever reason, prayer has always been the most intuitive aspect of my walk with God. That's probably because I'm a wordy guy to begin with, so talking with God comes as naturally as breathing. Other disciplines, mind you, often feel like pulling teeth (Bible study, or God forbid, fasting); it just so happens that prayer comes easiest. I'm not good at it in any significant way, I just love it. It feels like a gift.

Spiritual gurus throughout the ages have described prayer in such terms, as a gift rather than something we do in our own strength. Th…

Dumb Summer Songs I Actually Really Love

It's common knowledge that I'm not Mr. Discernment when it comes to music quality. I know what makes for good music, I just don't always care. And during the summer months, when all that's on the radio is the fluffliest of fluff, the joke is on all you cynical buttfaces 'cause I'm feeling gooood.

So here are some of my favorite tracks of the summer so far, why they're dumb (because I am aware that they are), and why I love them. Enjoy!

1. Chloe - Emblem3

Lyrics: "Chloe, I know your sister turns everyone on. But you're the one I want."
Why It's Dumb: I love how this song never offers a reason why the narrator prefers this girl over her much more popular sister. It's just saying he does, because he can. For a while I thought the lyrics said "you've got more heart and that's the only thing that matters," and that's almost moving, but then I realized it's actually "you've got my heart and that's the only…