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I Live for the Applause

This week several "news" reports have informed me that Katy Perry's new single "Roar" is for some reason up against Lady Gaga's "Applause" in the court of public opinion. God forbid both songs exist simultaneously in the same world without colliding into each other. We need the competition to keep things spicy, so PICK! PICK NOW! WHICH ONE?

Just kidding, I don't care. I mean, the songs are fine. In terms of merit Perry's is a little catchier, Gaga's a bit closer to high art (a bit), but really the only grounds for comparison is they are both by female artists. And we as a culture keep women subjugated (as we always have) by constantly pitting them against each other. Way to go HuffPo.

It's interesting, the last time I even thought to compare the two singers was when I wrote a blog post about the Christian imagery in "Judas" by Gaga and "Who Am I Living For?" by Perry. I lauded both women for their presentations …

God Help the Outcasts (Save Them From Us)

I have had it up to here *holds hand over head* with those who use the Bible, and worse still, the Gospel, to justify their hate and bigotry. I have HAD IT. To think the good news of Christ, of God's holistic redemption of His beloved world would ever become a weapon used against His children, to think the cross would ever become a sword, it makes me sick. It repulses me.

When did the story of a God who stooped down low to love His kids, specifically those most outcast among their peers, become a tool of subjugation and oppression in the hands of the powerful and pious? When did we give the keys to the Kingdom back to the Pharisees?
I'm afraid I know the answer: almost immediately. A few hundred years into Christendom, as soon as Christians got a little political power, we started rounding up and casting out all those on the fringes. We started neglecting the poor and equating prosperity and military victory with divine favor. When the church betrayed Her Bridegroom to become …

The One Where Tony, Dennis and Jordan Move In Together Because They're Grown Ups Now

Our first night here, Tony and I just christened our new apartment with an inaugural viewing of that one episode of Friends where Chandler and Joey win Rachel and Monica's apartment in a high-stakes game show-style competition crafted by the painfully earnest Ross. Meanwhile Phoebe is somewhere getting implanted with her brother's embryos. But I digress.

Now we, unlike Chandler and Joey, didn't really win our apartment from anybody, but it still feels like we earned it with sheer... whininess. Or at least I did. And it seems like that's about allI did. I just whined until God gave me an apartment. 
Or mayhaps I'm riding on the holy coattails of my roommates: the two best people I know, Tony and Dennis. Surely God gave them this apartment because they deserve it; I'm just along for the ride, sliding in under the door, mixed metaphor mixed metaphor mixed metaphor.
And what a blessing our apartment has been. It's a place of refuge at the end of a busy day (and t…