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Honey and the Bee

Margie: Did you know scientists have no explanation for how bees can fly? Their bodies are too big and their wings are too small and there's no good reason they can get off the ground at all. But they do. Pretty mysterious, huh?

Ethan: *pause* I think that's an old wives' tale actually. Based off some bad math or something.

Margie: Oh, well... what do you know anyway?

Ethan: Not much, I guess.

Margie: Why can't you let me have my fun?

Ethan: I'm sorry, I...

Margie: Oh it's fine, it's fine! It's just... it's a neat little story. Makes you think there's a little more going on than we realize, ya know?

Ethan: *pause* Well, you know bees communicate by dancing, right?

Margie: Yeah, I think I've heard that.

Ethan: Well that's pretty mysterious, isn't it?

Margie: Well yeah, but it doesn't... defy explanation or anything. It's not miraculous.

Ethan: Isn't it? Why should animals communicate by dancing? I mean, humans don't co…

Party at Jay Gatsby's

Party at Jay Gatsby's

A few weeks ago I found these words at the bottom of my ticket to George Fox's spring formal, a dance themed after the novel and fast-approaching film The Great Gatsby. I would say loosely themed, considering the DJ offered no tunes from the roaring twenties but instead pumped the standard Top-40-techno-dance-hip-hop fusion, but having now seen the movie it was actually pretty on the nose. In any case I initially found it a bit odd that my Christian college would theme its dance around the bacchanals described in F. Scott Fitzgerald's anti-tribute to classic American excess, but I made no large fuss about it and indeed had a splendid time cutting the rug with a few dear chums whom I will miss very much.

It was no party at Jay Gatsby's though. No, it couldn't even hold a candle to those raucous scenes depicted in the film, to the hyperreal colors, the impossibly shiny sequins, the manic, untethered energy, and no one in attendance at our dance w…