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On #Ferguson, Listening, and Believing

I don't have a catchy angle for this one folks. No hook. No draw-em-in, pithy, humorous intro to prove this post will be worth reading. I have only the stomachache that kept me up last night, hours past when I meant to go to bed. A stomachache prompted, I believe, by what's going on two thirds of the way across the country. In Ferguson, Missouri.

Believe me, I'm as surprised as any of you that this whole Ferguson thing is eliciting any thought from me at all. What does it matter to me? For one thing, I live in Oregon. Geographically, Ferguson could not be less on my radar. Additionally, I have had maybe one or two run ins with police in my whole life, none of them significant (traffic ticket, maybe some domestic dispute when I was a kid), all of them cordial enough. Plus, ya know, I've got that whole, white guy thing going. Well, mostly white. I'm actually pretty significantly Indigenous on my dad's side but I can pass for white, so let's count it. I have …