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Do Not Be Afraid

Something about Christmas always makes me reflective toward the preceding year. Maybe it’s how close it comes to the new year, or the way it conjures yuletide memories from years past. Either way, the holiday serves as a marker, as a point of delineation in time. This year, then, as I wrapped and unwrapped presents, sipped cocoa and sang carols, I was reminded time and again of what a year it’s been.
What a damn hard year it’s been.   
On a personal note, it may well have been the hardest year of my life. In the first place, 2015 opened with me living alone (suddenly and unexpectedly), and sick as I’ve ever been. Then, as things started to settle, as I finally procured a roommate and managed to balance my four jobs with some degree of competence, my grandma’s health took a sharp turn for the worse. Over one long weekend, we said goodbye to her, to this lovely woman, this source of light and warmth.

The first Christmas without her would have been hard no matter what, and indeed it has b…