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Young Life Camp, 2014

They say time flies when you're having fun, and I'd say that generally rings true. The last hour before curfew on a summer night can be gone in two and a half minutes, whereas a forty five minute dental exam will last three whole eternities (at least). As Einstein said, time is relative or whatever.

"Time is relative or whatever." - Einstein
The "time flies" maxim certainly does not apply, however, to Young Life camp. Indeed, once one sets foot on the soil of one of Young Life's many camps, one slips into a Narnia-style existence where time passes differently than in the outside world. The first couple days last at least two weeks, the whole week a summer's length. You see, time doesn't so much drag at a Young Life camp as it stretches, which is NOT to say we aren't having fun while we're there. We are, in fact, having the best week of our lives (money back guaranteed!).

Now that phrase, "best week of your life" gets thrown aroun…