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Your Friendly Neighborhood Christian

So I've been watching a lot of superhero TV shows lately. Young Justice, Teen Titans, Batman Beyond, 90s X-Men, and one of my all-time favorites, Spider-Man. For those of you who haven't caught the latest cartoon iteration of the web-slinger, it's called Ultimate Spider-Man and it's well worth the watch is you don't mind a broader, wackier Spider-Man. Very kitschy, very Saturday-morning, which for me, during this frightening transition out of college, is just the comfort food I need.

There's something innately homey about superhero stories, perhaps particularly for young men. They remind us of our childhoods, of a simpler time when good was good and bad was bad and ice cream was good and homework was bad and Spider-Man was good and Doctor Octopus was bad. No messy ambiguity, no shades of gray. Unfortunately the world doesn't work that way though, as now it seems like just about everywhere I look is gray. And it's not a bad thing necessarily; complexity …