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Lord, I Was Born a Rambling Man

I have an old necklace, a Saint Christopher, from when I was younger and briefly considered being Catholic because my family is vaguely Catholic and I needed a reason to live. As I packed for school this year I found this necklace and decided to put it on before I hit the road. It's not so much that I suddenly agreed with the Church's doctrines regarding Sainthood, but I did recognize in this moment that some people connect to God more easily through symbols, and I am not above occasionally trying out new ways to commune with God. And I figured ol' Saint Chris might be of some help.

For, you see, Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. Catholic lore tells us he intercedes for us as we journey from place to place, home to home, life to life. He represents all those who wander, those without roof or bed or home. And of all the words one might use to describe me at this stage of my journey, "traveler" is pretty on-the-nose. I zip between Springfield and Newberg…

Dear God

Dear God,

I don't know how much sense it makes to write You a letter, because we talk all the time. I mean, I talk all the time. You probably try to respond every so often, but I'm just so busy talking I can't hear you. Sorry about that. It's nice how You listen though, sometimes I feel like You're the only one who really does. Thanks for that God. I'm gonna write You a letter, and I'm gonna post it on the internet, because that's just what kids are doing nowadays. Who knows, maybe something I say will mean something to somebody someday. That's all I'm really trying to accomplish when I write anyway, so in the same spirit, I hope you don't mind my posting this. I don't suspect You would, but by all means, if You do, feel free to shoot me some cosmic sign. Or leave a response in the comment section.
I have a lot to thank you for Jesus. I really do. You've been such a good friend to me this summer, and really for the last seven years. …