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Everything is Meaningless

Life doesn't always make sense; or, perhaps more accurately, life doesn't often make sense. In A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, writer Donald Miller, while attempting to draft a screenplay from the events of his own life, confronts this notion, that his life, like the average man or woman's, seems to play out more like a random series of events than a coherent narrative. Things just, sort of, happen, without any unifying rhyme or reason, or at least this is how it appears to the undiscerning eye. And the cynical mind stops here, at this existential meaninglessness. I'm not a cynic though, at least not most days. I'm of a more sentimental breed, to be sure, and the sentiment at the helm of my ship more often than not is the aching, yearning belief life is truly meaningful. After all, if it isn't, then what in God's name are we doing here? Why would humans universally search for meaning in a world where there's no meaning to be found? It's a cruel…

Happiness Is a Mixed Bag

Hey everybody! How are you? I'm doing great, thanks so much for asking, it's sweet of you. And yes, this IS a new sweater. What did you say? I look smart in it? Good, good, I'd hoped I might, and thanks again for saying so. I know it's not prudent to wear a sweater in July but I just bought it, I like it, and darn it, I look good in it. And I'm glad you think so too.

All blathering nonsense aside, I'm actually quite happy right now. Which is... odd. I don't mean to say I'm never, or even seldom happy. It's more that, well, it's summer, and I'd come to expect  summer necessarily brought with it boredom, anxiety, loneliness, or some combination of the three. Forgive my melodrama, but last summer ranked among my worst, and this one was shaping up to rival it. I'd begun to feel distant from the friends I'd been aching to see for the whole last year, which was made all the worse for the fact that, in spite of my better judgment, I'd al…