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Could you forgive me too?

Could you forgive me too?

No, of course not, what a stupid thought

What's that? You say you...

Well you must not know what I've done

That's it, you don't know

Silly of me, really, to think that you could, or would,

That I could ever be anything other than...

Why do you keep saying that?

Stop teasing me, I know better

You see, it doesn't make sense

I'm... wrong. I'm broken. Too broken. Entirely too broken!

Stop it! Stop saying I'm...

I don't deserve to be whole

I don't deserve to be new

New... new? What could that possibly mean? You can't...

You can't...

You can't take away what I've done

You can't forgive me

What? What are you saying?

Groanings too deep for words, too loud to ignore

Who am I?

Am I... my hands? Am I what I've done?

What have I done?

But I've done... do you realize what I am?

If so, please... I need to know

Am I... could I be... could it be true?

Too good to be true?

But no

It's not fair

What's no…