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I need a hero

Every so often I sense a new theme emerging in my life, that keeps popping up until I learn whatever lesson God's trying to drill into my brain, past the song lyrics, television subplots, potential jokes and dozens, if not hundreds of worries about... well, nothing terribly important. Those themes have included listening to God's voice, staying connected to the source of life, and a number of other things.

Toward the end of my senior year a new theme came at me like a bulldozer, for lack of more eloquent terms. At first it was just a word: hero. At the time I had no idea what it meant. To be honest I'm not much closer to understanding it even now. I guess I haven't learned this lesson quite yet. At a certain point every song I heard, every book I read, every movie I saw, I couldn't get away from this word, this idea, of being a hero. The catch was, I had no idea whether or not this meant I was supposed to be somebody's hero, or if I needed a hero.
Feeling some …