Day 25: Baldwin the Bear Part 3

Certain favorite bloggers of mine have taken up the assignment of blogging 31 days in a row (#write31days), and in an attempt to re-galvanize my own writing, I decided to join in the fun. The idea behind this particular blog-a-thon is to be as real and vulnerable as possible, which is (almost) always a healthy exercise. I've tried blogging marathons in the past (to varying degrees of success), and my seminary schedule does not allow for much flexibility. so the process may be fitful or short-lived, but it couldn't hurt to try!

Day 25: Baldwin the Bear Part 3

The following morning Papa approached Baldwin before sunrise, and tried to shake him awake. But Baldwin did not stir. Panic began to bubble up in Papa until Mama peaked in the cave entrance and whispered, “Baldwin, honey.” The cub’s eyes snapped open, wide as silver dollars.

“Oh hey Papa, Mama,” Baldwin cooed.

“You sleep like a rock son,” Papa laughed, as Baldwin laid out on his back and stretched out each limb in turn, extending and shaking them, wiggling his claws. He finished his little dance by rolling, hopping up and darting out of the cave. Papa tried to follow suit but was stopped by Mama.

“It’s got to be his name honey. He only wakes up when you say his name.”

Papa shrugged, “good thing one of us knows our son.”

Baldwin led the way down the hill to the stream, Papa trailing behind, leaping forward between labored breaths. It was only when Baldwin leaned over to drink deep of the morning’s crisp water that Papa managed to catch up. He spat out a sputtery, breathless “Baldwin!”


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