Day 14: Magill Horrorfest 2015 Update

Certain favorite bloggers of mine have taken up the assignment of blogging 31 days in a row (#write31days), and in an attempt to re-galvanize my own writing, I decided to join in the fun. The idea behind this particular blog-a-thon is to be as real and vulnerable as possible, which is (almost) always a healthy exercise. I've tried blogging marathons in the past (to varying degrees of success), and my seminary schedule does not allow for much flexibility. so the process may be fitful or short-lived, but it couldn't hurt to try!

Day 14: Magill Horrorfest 2015 Update

Here's an update on all the movies I've watched so far for Magill Horrorfest 2015! If you have any recommendations, or notice anything obvious I'm missing, please leave it in the comments! It looks like I might have to leave out some good movies if I'm sticking to one a night, so let me know what you consider absolutely necessary. And check out some of these for yourself! Especially the Screams, the Conjuring, the Host and of course, Batman.

10/1/2015American PsychoB
10/2/2015The HostA-
10/3/2015Tucker and DaleB+
10/4/2015The ConjuringA+
10/5/2015The Brothers GrimmC+
10/7/2015Batman (1989)A-
10/8/2015The Addams FamilyB
10/9/2015Dr. HorribleA
10/10/2015The Final GirlsB+
10/11/2015Nightmare (Doc)B
10/12/2015Scream 2A
10/13/2015The CraftB+
10/14/2015Scooby DooB+


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