Young Life Camp, 2014

They say time flies when you're having fun, and I'd say that generally rings true. The last hour before curfew on a summer night can be gone in two and a half minutes, whereas a forty five minute dental exam will last three whole eternities (at least). As Einstein said, time is relative or whatever.

"Time is relative or whatever."
- Einstein

The "time flies" maxim certainly does not apply, however, to Young Life camp. Indeed, once one sets foot on the soil of one of Young Life's many camps, one slips into a Narnia-style existence where time passes differently than in the outside world. The first couple days last at least two weeks, the whole week a summer's length. You see, time doesn't so much drag at a Young Life camp as it stretches, which is NOT to say we aren't having fun while we're there. We are, in fact, having the best week of our lives (money back guaranteed!).

Now that phrase, "best week of your life" gets thrown around a lot in Young Life circles. It is the bold claim we make to sell camp to our high school amigos, to drum up enthusiasm in kids who have no idea what to expect from the whole thing. They've never been! They don't know how awesome it is!

So, as a Young Life leader, that has been my task for the last few months, to try and infect my high school friends (poor choice of words?) with my own obnoxious enthusiasm for this camp, which has made such an impact in my life. I had to make them want it, without their really knowing what was so want-able about it.

Which was tough. Like, really tough. For a couple weeks there I actually went without sleep, working extra shifts, trying to raise funds to get these friends to camp because they hadn't raised the funds for themselves BECAUSE THEY HAD NO IDEA HOW AMAZING IT WAS GOING TO BE.

So I did it. We all did it, all the leaders on our team working tirelessly to get everybody to camp. And it was hard. But also so, so worth it.

Don't believe me? Let's see if I can capture just a little glimpse of what was so magical about this week, for me and for my friends.


Hmmmm. Words don't seem to do the whole thing justice. Let's try some pictures!

Young Life camp is a place where:

The Old West comes back to life

Prison cells are made of bunk beds and painter's tape

You face your fears with both feet forward, and with friends on either side

You don't need a license to drive like a maniac

You meet giant, pre-historic beetles

Square dancing is cool

You learn faith by trusting a little yellow harness to keep you from falling to your certain death

Your camera gets stolen for selfies

Hot sauce packets come to life

Christmas comes in July


Those you share meals with become your family

Photo: This table group made my camp 10x better no lies. I cannot even explain half the conversations we had. Anyone who didn't sit with us had to have been jealous of all the laughing we did. I love you all.

Unity is spelled M-A-R-I-O

All we do it blob, blob, blob no matter what

Guys are NOT afraid to wear short shorts
(and Diego's magic shorts sparkle just 'cause)

Spontaneous pillow fights with Vikings are NOT out of place

America fanny packs go with EVERYTHING

New friends become best friends

We don't give up on each other

And heaven really is a place on earth.

"Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well."

1 Thessalonians 2:8


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