Advent Day 3: (Advent)ure Time!

This year I'm blogging through Advent season. The goal is to put up a shorter post every day in December on topics related to the holiday, and I'd like to toy with some different media (music, poetry, art). I may not stay faithful to the format, we'll see, but I'd thank you to come along on the journey with me anyway. I hope this can enhance your Christmas experience as I'm sure it will mine.

Advent is at least partially about joy. Joy in the Lord, joy in friendship, joy in entertainment. So, in honor of joy for its own sake, I offer you this Adventure Time lexicon for today's Advent post. Feel free to fold these into your day-to-day language. I sure have!


When greeting someone -

When cheering someone up -

When overwhelmed/surprised -

When excited -

When someone judges you for being young -

When confused -

When frustrated -

When tasting something spicy -

When inquiring about a situation -

When threatening someone -

When winning a game - .

When trying to cause a distraction -

When accepting a challenge -

When in despair -

When unsatisfied with the food spread -

When insulting someone -

When scared -

When grossed out -

When getting defensive about night-time habits -

When things are rocky with friends/family -

Thanks for sharing these with me! Happy third day of Advent!


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