Advent Day 25: Merry Christmas (Here's to Many More)

This year I'm blogging through Advent season. The goal is to put up a shorter post every day in December on topics related to the holiday, and I'd like to toy Ijusith some different media (music, poetry, art). I may not stay faithful to the format, we'll see, but I'd thank you to come along on the journey with me anyway. I hope this can enhance your Christmas experience as I'm sure it will mine.

Merry Christmas everybody! Happy birthday Jesus!

Finally, the culmination of all these Advent posts! The day we've been waiting for!

What a journey it's been! We prayed together, we laughed together (here and here), we sang together (here and here), we made light together (here and here), we listened to me complain (here, here, here and here), we tackled sensitive cultural issues head on (here, here and here), we talked faith together, we took a look at forgotten or neglected Christmas characters (SimeonAnnathe shepherds and Mary), and we heard wiser words from better people than me (Madeleine L'Engle, Frederick Buechner, my lovely sister Marlie).

I hope it's meant something to you. It sure has to me. In fact at several points in the last month this series was the only thing tying me to Christmas at all. It has been a venue for venting frustration, fear and grief, and a sounding board for my wiser moments as well as my more desperate ones. And the support has been amazing. From time to time I even wrote something people actually read! And that is such a gift. In fact, two of the posts occupy spots on my top three of all time!

I learned so much this month, honestly. In studying Advent discipline I learned my church tradition does not corner the market on profound spiritual practice. I learned how to experience life and light in the midst of deep pain. But most of all I learned that trying to blog every day while having three jobs means you won't sleep or clean your house very well.

So for one final time I offer a reminder, an invitation more than an admonition, to experience Christmas with the Lord, with the God who stooped low to become a guy, a dude, a person, in supreme solidarity with the human experience. I mean, I'm not going to condone the culture wars, I don't believe in the war on Christmas, but I do wish we would take a break from the commercial blitz long enough to remember Jesus. Jesus Christ, God in a bod. He makes the Christian story beautiful. And He loves you. And two thousand years ago, He showed up, in dead of night, to a poor young couple, because that is how God do.


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