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Thanksgiving in Jail

So everybody's doing this 30 Days of Thankfulness thing or whatever. I made it ten whole days before giving up, which is personal progress as far as I'm concerned.

And part of me, the grumpy part who's writing this post right now, is a skosh cynical about the whole thing.

I mean, how effective can compulsory facebook posts be in expressing genuine gratitude?
Turns out, pretty dang effective. I've witnessed some real growth and healing take place over the last month, as those typically predisposed to posting selfies (note self) took a break to call out friends, family, teachers and mentors for their love and support. A month full of shout outs and encouragements. A month to combat the narcissism and entitlement of the "I deserve now!" generation. A month to appreciate what we do have instead of obsessing over what we do not. A full month to shift our focus from the naught, from the black hole which blots out the heart and insatiably feeds on possession and att…

Hungry Hearts

"These kids really do have hungry hearts..."

The words pierced the thick fog surrounding me, wiggled into my ears and reverberated like an echo in my dusty, cavernous soul. They vibrated in me and through me, shook free the cobwebs from every inch of me and perched themselves on my own heart.

The speaker soldiered on, as if he hadn't just said the most beautiful, important thing anyone has ever said or heard. He went on to talk about suicide protocol or liability or something. But he had me at "hungry hearts."

"He" was the resident psychologist at the juvenile detention facility (colloquially termed juvy or kid jail) where I work. I've been there for four months now but this incident took place on orientation day. Somehow, from the mass of information lobbed at me that day (all vital, very little retained) I managed to glom onto a few nuggets of truth to anchor me and God-willing keep the job from swallowing me whole. One such nugget was the psych…