The One Where Tony, Dennis and Jordan Move In Together Because They're Grown Ups Now

Our first night here, Tony and I just christened our new apartment with an inaugural viewing of that one episode of Friends where Chandler and Joey win Rachel and Monica's apartment in a high-stakes game show-style competition crafted by the painfully earnest Ross. Meanwhile Phoebe is somewhere getting implanted with her brother's embryos. But I digress.

Now we, unlike Chandler and Joey, didn't really win our apartment from anybody, but it still feels like we earned it with sheer... whininess. Or at least I did. And it seems like that's about all I did. I just whined until God gave me an apartment. 

Or mayhaps I'm riding on the holy coattails of my roommates: the two best people I know, Tony and Dennis. Surely God gave them this apartment because they deserve it; I'm just along for the ride, sliding in under the door, mixed metaphor mixed metaphor mixed metaphor.

And what a blessing our apartment has been. It's a place of refuge at the end of a busy day (and the days have been busy, with each of us working two jobs). It's a place of rest one moment and a hub of social activity the next. It's a gift to be shared with friends, loved ones, and strangers. For the last few weeks, this apartment has been home, the home for which I've ached for some time.

Indeed, the gears of my life are finally turning again, after what felt like years (but was really a couple months) of gummed-up works. All in the span of a couple weeks I got TWO jobs and an apartment with two of my very best friends. Could I be any luckier?

Tony and Dennis are Chandler and Joey (respectively), so I'm the odd-Ross-out in the analogy, but I don't mind. Ross may suck a little, but I long ago surrendered any delusions that I'm the most interesting character in my own story. Plus, (spoiler alert) Ross gets Rachel in the end. I'll be fine.

So if you ever wondered what Friends would have been like if Ross, Joey and Chandler shared an apartment at the same time, drop by our place and find out! And if you have a feeling you might be my Rachel, give me a call.


  1. I lived in a home like that (only add another 2.5 roommates) and it was enough material and memories to write a book. I hope yours is as entertaining, enlightening, and bizarre as my "group home" was.


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