Things I love

One hundred things I love (not including people) and a thousand gifts God has given me (including whatever). Idea from Megan Reynolds. I'll update regularly, but only as these things occur to me. So you may notice I've left off some things I obviously love, but if I really love them all that much, they'll come up in the day-to-day and I'll add them as they do.

1. Roasted red pepper hummus

2. The Bible

3. Dancing

4. Saturday Night Live

5. Reading

6. When girls rap

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

8. Hot fudge

9. Firefly

10. Orange Chicken

11. Going back to bed

12. Laughing

13. Adventure Time

14. Snow

15. Ruffles with potato OR mac salad

16. Singing

17. So You Think You Can Dance

18. Lyrical Hip Hop Routines

19. The Beach

20. Marionberry Muffins

21. Away We Go

22. Finding Nemo

23. Funny Women

24. 80s Music

25. Flip Flops

26. Crystal Light

27. Google Docs

28. Horror Movies

29. Stand-up Comedy

30. Concerts

31. Comedic Rap Music

32. Caramel Apple Cider

33. Christmas Carols

34. Steel Drums

35. Body Pillows

36. Pot Stickers


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