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So I'm writing a song. It's inspired by numerous little conflicts going on in my life right now, none of which are too consequential but it seems they're substantial enough to have gotten me pretty down lately. In addition, I'm aggravating them all considerably by being really bad at one specific thing: surrender. I just don't know when to let go. So here's this. It came a lot faster and it's a lot better than any song I've ever tried to write before. Maybe this means it's meant to be written.

I've only got a verse and a chorus so far. And I'm sorry I can't convey the melody over a blog but I'll let you know it's in 3/4 time (as all my favorite songs are, not that it's one of my favorite songs). Some of the phrases here start on the downbeat, and some are on a pick-up. I also have yet to figure out a chord progression because my guitar is currently out of commission, but the melody is solid, trust me. The breaks in the lines …

Knowing: A Year at Fox

I have completed my first year of college. Pretty freaky, huh? In fact it's absolutely bizarre. I'm so old! I'm wigging.

How was it you may ask? Allow me to be distracted for a moment, as it seems it's the only way I can actually get any writing done at the moment.

I've realized something: I'm not a good writer. Leastways, it doesn't feel like I'm any good. Sure, I can write the crap out of an essay on a non-fiction Christian book, but where does that get me really? Reading Bossypants by Tina Fey has helped me realize I certainly have room for improvement. With delusions of grandeur effectively squashed, and dreams of marrying an already-married women suppressed (for now, watch it Ms. Fey), I will proceed.

Back to school. For those who haven't spoken to me in more than a year, or strangers, or old people I don't know who don't understand how the internet works and can't seem to navigate away from this page (just leave and go read a book,…