October 24, 2010

With a rich history of home-made Halloween costumes, (Two-Face, disco dude, mad scientist, baby) I am at a loss for this year. Plus, I won't be home until Halloween weekend, so the pickings at Value Village will no doubt be slim.

I hear the top picks for this year are Lady Gaga and Na'vi from Avatar. We can immediately rule out the former (take a moment to relish the thought of me as Lady Gaga, you'll never get the chance to see it) and the latter would be tough to do home-made. It's possible, I suppose, but the body paint would no doubt drive up the cost of the costume at least threefold.

I never buy pre-made costumes. It's a policy. I always pick non-costume pieces from Value Village and compile them into an ubercostume. My favorite to this day has to be Two-Face. It involved cutting and sewing two dress shirts together, with a tie and a vest, painting and applying fake scar tissue to one side of my face (corresponding with the wackier shirt pattern) and teasing my hair to stand half a foot off the corresponding side of my head. The other side was, of course, slicked back. The evil side of my face also, at the time, had a lip ring, which aided to the visage of devilry. The concept and making of this costume were made possible by help from Mr. Troy Olsen.

Last year was pretty stellar too. I was a large infant. I used a full-sized bed sheet as a diaper, which was admittedly difficult to keep straight. I bought a bib and smeared jam all over it. I also lucked upon a giant teddy bear for four dollars, which aided to the illusion I was baby-sized. I also had a bottle and I wore my sister's adult small Marvel superhero t-shirt, which exposed my belly in a most adorable fashion. As an added bonus, shoes were totally unnecessary.

I'll have two days, including Halloween to find this year's costume and I'll be left, as usual, with the scraps at the bottom of the Halloween barrels at Value Village, along with normal clothes and accessories, and this is precisely how I like it. Please comment with ideas and I'll see if I can make it work.

On another note, for those who have been waiting for me to FINALLY not right a blog about "religion," here it is. I never set out to write a Christian blog, and my posts won't always be about my faith, but I can't say I'm sorry. I write about what I feel, what I know. My relationship with God is the foundation for just about everything else in my life. But for now, Halloween is what's bouncing around the old noggin.

Last thought: Tony Scarcello, if you haven't read this blog by the time I get home next weekend, I will box your ears.

You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.

James 2:19


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